The Authentic Leader Workshop™

The Authentic Leader Workshop “unpacks” The Leadership Circle Profile™ and engages participants from every level in the organization into a transformational conversation about leadership effectiveness. Through interactive, provocative, and fun simulated work situations, participants experience which behaviors work and which are counterproductive. Once they have “caught themselves in the act,” they are able to examine their own personal operating system, and gain insight into what motivates behavior.

In this workshop, we:

  • Stimulate leadership capability and immediate behavioral change
  • Provide feedback on competencies and reactive patterns using 360-degree technology that highlights strengths and limitations in current operating patterns
  • Facilitate tools that evoke deeper insight into personal motivations, patterns and effectiveness
  • Identify personal motivations and link them to organizational outcomes
  • Introduce the basic elements of authentic conversation
  • Create quality action plans for improvement

If you are a leader or member of an organization trying to build an empowered, creative, and committed workforce, this workshop belongs in your consideration set.

*The Authentic Leader Workshop™ was developed and is owned by The Leadership Circle.

  • Quotes

    “Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

    ~ Confucius

  • Testimonials

    “Coaching has opened my eyes to new perspectives and ideas that I just couldn’t see before. I have been far more willing to take action and make changes in my leadership style because of the level of trust and commitment in our coaching relationship.”

    ~ Business Entrepreneur

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